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There is no doubt that you have chosen to explore a fascinating topic. It is not always easy to deal with small changes that occur every day, not to mention the events that change our lives. I am happy to add your book to my personal library.
The Hon. Stephen Harper. C.P. MP
Prime Minister of Canada
We hope that your questions, thoughts and answers so well illustrated in your book, know a happy ending and ensures success.
Mayor Robert Coutu
City of Montreal-Est
I would like to tell you that the issues you raise in your book seem both relevant and contemporary. In addition, the methodology used in the context of Project Tomorrow appears to me to be a wise work.
Ève Piclet, MP
for la Pointe-de L'Ile,
House of commons of Canada
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ISBN: 9780978366773
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Change Your Future, Now!
This book in our change management series is addressed to thoughtful students, parents, workers, educators, artists, athletes, physicians, managers, leaders, retirees, writers, or coaches, whether they work alone or belong to a team or organization struggling with and committed to responsible change for a better future. Our hope, or goal, is to spark new intellectual capital by sharing ideas. In short we aim to publish a book that disturbs the present in order to bring forth a better future.
Change is important. It matters a great deal to organizations and institutions, to the people who work in them, and to the people who are served by it. For our society to function effectively, we need authentic people who can encourage others to perform at their best and step up and lead themselves.
I wrote Change Your Future, Now! - Because I have a passion to see more people in all walks of life embrace change. I wanted to help people like you discover their potential, so they could help themselves to evolve in life and help the people around them.
Change Your Future, Now! enable you to take the ideas from the book and apply them to your personal development. This will enable you to become a more effective and authentic person, one who can evolve and change from within in order to realize a better future.
Becoming an authentic person takes hard work! To become great at any endeavor, whether in your career, your family, or your community, you must use unique strengths you were born with and develop them to the fullest, while acknowledging and learning from your shortcomings. In the majority of cases, people have to work hard to shape their futures. They endure disappointing defeats and rejections and search for many years to find the right place to flourish. They are each required to make the journey to their own soul, in order to find out who they are, where their real passions lie, and how they can become more effective, so they can shape their futures.
Personally, I did not have a distinctive reference text like this book to help me when I was young, so I made up my development plan as I went along, with the help of my father, employers, close friends, my wife, my son, and some important mentors along the way.
After searching for role models for many years, I learned that I could never become a great person by emulating someone else or by minimizing my shortcomings. If you are aiming to be like somebody else, you will be merely a copycat because you will think that is what people want you to do. You will never be a real person with that kind of thinking. However, you might be a real person, unpredictable, by following your passion.
Many self-help books offer a quick fix, or provide the reader with seven or more easy steps to follow. Unfortunately, in reality a person's development does not usually work that way, and rarely becomes a great person by reading a book.
To realize your potential in life, you need a detailed development program that will enable you to shape your future. That is the purpose of Change Your Future, Now! - to help you to develop a clear and detailed program for your personal growth and happiness in life. I encourage you to have as many experiences early in life as you can. Do not sit back and wait for these experiences to come to you. Seek them out! Then after each experience, you should process it by going back to your development plan to see what changes you need to make and/or to determine the future experiences you should have.
Remember the following fundamentals; they will help you to change your future: You will need to discover your authentic self as soon as possible; you will need to remember that you do not have to be born with certain characteristics to be able to shape your future; you will not need to wait for a tap on your shoulder to start; you will not need to wait to be at the top of an organization to start; and the most important, you will need to remember that you are never too young or too old to change your future.
I encourage you to be completely open and transparent as you look inside yourself and answer the very challenging and difficult questions posed about what you think you should be in the future. You need to explore your lifes story at a deep level in order to understand who you are as a human being, where you fit in in this world, how you can impact the world in a positive way, and how you can leave a lasting legacy.
I hope that you and many others can transform business organizations and institutions, the nonprofit world, governments, education, and religion, as you bring authenticity to the world and encourage others to do the same. Your enthusiasm to become authentic will indeed make this world a better and richer place for all of us to live in. At this point, it is important to keep in mind that changing your life for a better future is your sole decision!
Germain Decelles, o.s.j., MBA

This book is the result of a four-year project called Project Tomorrow. During the four-year period, we followed more than 500 trainees, aged from 16 to 72. The trainees were from colleges and reinsertion programs in administration and computer science.
Some of the trainees implicated where dropouts from school districts, and others were new immigrants or unemployed workers from different economic and social backgrounds.
To graduate, the trainee had to perform during a period of three months in a business environment. At the end of that time, an appreciation evaluation was performed to determine both the amount of change the trainee experienced during the period and the impact of that change on the trainee.
Many of the questions, reflections, and answers presented in this book our issued from our findings during this period. We would like to thank all the trainees for their efforts and determination during the process.

CHAPTER 1 – The Journey
How about our needs?
Can we avoid death?
Do simplicity and effort work?
Can I use short cuts in life
How can I use these benefits?
What are the steps along the way?
How can I get rid of my guilt?
What about walking around in a circle?
Is life a journey?
Am I living in the present?
Am I at the right place at the right time?
Can I expect many false journeys?
Does my journey have a meaning?
What do I owe my parents?
Is life reliable?
How many times a day should I say thank you?
How can I ask for help?
Should I drop the ego?
What should I consider.
CHAPTER 2 – Mind Setting
What about a productive mindset?
Can I keep an open mind?
Can I keep an open mind?
Do I think for myself?
Can I cultivate the ability to think for myself?
Could I not be thinking for myself?
Can I think critically?
Can I put subjects and things in perspective?
How can I make my heart and mind work together?
What about imagination and vision?
Can I develop courage
How can I stop making excuses?
How can I be an original or my true self?
Am I an interesting person?
Can I think positively?
Can I expand my comfort zone?
What does it mean to take control of my life?
Can I balance my life?
Who is the person I want to be?
What should I consider?
CHAPTER 3 – Learning & Change
Why do we learn?
How can I become a more effective learner?
Is learning a process?
What is a life development program?
What do I want to know and learn about?
Is reading important?
How can I find the right mentor?
Do I want to be a Mentor?
What is Change?
How do individuals and organizations respond to change?
What about a plan for change?
Do I need to think ahead?
What are the reasons for resisting change?
What are the change processes?
What is the downside of change?
What should I consider?
CHAPTER 4 – Becoming Great
What about the talent myth?
What does all this mean?
Do I already know how to be Great?
What does it take to be Great?
Why the extra step?
What is a Hero?
How can I be patient?
How can I become a great Person?
How can I become a great Finisher?
Do I want to become a great Leader?
Do I want to become a great Follower?
How might I become miserable?
Can I become a strategic Thinker?
Is Life a call for action?
Can I simplify any problem?
How can I become a great Friend?
How can I become a great Facilitator?
How can I become a great Parent?
How can I become a great Mentor?
How can I become a great Seller?
How can I become a great Communicator?
Do I need to surround myself with people better than myself?
Is success an accident?
What about accidental success?
What should I consider?
CHAPTER 5 – Communicating
Should you be sensitive to other people's feelings?
Can I develop effective listening skills?
What determine your personality?
How to have courage to say what you think?
Do men and women communicate differently?
How can I organize my communications?
How can we make eye contact?
Should you be aware of what your body is saying?
What about conversation pointers?
How can we have a great conversation?
What about nonverbal communication?
How can we address an audience?
How can we communicate with children?
What about effective inter generations’ communication?
How can I reach a consensus?
How to be polite?
How to apologize?
How to forgive?
How to make your personality stand out?
How can I expand my vocabulary?
What should you consider?
CHAPTER 6 – Networking
When should I start networking?
How should I act when attending networking activities?
How can I improve my networking skills?
How can I look approachable?
How can I be charming?
How can I start a conversation with a stranger?
Can I create a friendship in 60 seconds?
What about the power of social media?
What should I consider?
CHAPTER 7 – Knowledge & Wisdom

What is the difference between being knowledgeable and being wise?
How can I search for the unknown?
So how do I continually learn new things in life?
Can our general knowledge be updated?
Can I gain wisdom?
How can I learn from failure?
Should I believe I have tried all possible approaches?
Is there a technique for learning a subject better?
What is reason and how do I use it?
How do I strengthen my character?
What should I consider?

CHAPTER 8 – Plan Ahead
How can I set goals for life?
How can I be bold?
How can I reach for my dreams?
How can I visualize?
How can I solve a problem?
What about a goals-setting methodology?
How can I form a plan?
How can I switch careers?
What should I consider?
CHAPTER 9 – Influence & Inspire
How can I influence others?
How can I be positive?
How can I erase a negative influence?
How can I get inspired?
How can I be an inspiration?
How can I be a good role model?
How can I choose a role model?
How can I be a leader?
What should I consider?
CHAPTER 10 – Dealing with Change
How can I deal with the fear of change?
How can I change my personality?
How can I change other people's opinions of me?
How can I accept criticism?
Can I change people's lives for the better?
How can I deal with negative people?
How can I deal with people who always complain?
Can I change my attitude at work?
How can I improve my change management skills?
What should I consider?
CHAPTER 11 – Negotiate
How do I ask a question intelligently?
Can I detect lies?
How can I negotiate effectively?
Can I control my emotions when I negotiate?
How can I win a negotiation?
How can I negotiate more effectively?
How can I negotiate with parents?
How can I argue fairly?
Can I control anger outbursts?
How can I handle people who are angry with me?
What should I consider?
CHAPTER 12 – Disagree
How to argue in a positive way?
How can I defuse an argument?
What can I do to resolve a disagreement?
How can I stay out of an argument?
How can I walk away from a fight?
How can I lose an argument gracefully?
How can I say no to the boss?
How can I form an opinion?
How can I avoid misspeaking?
How can I show empathy?
What should I consider?
CHAPTER 13 – Good Citizen
How can I be a world citizen?
How can I be nice?
How can I learn about other cultures?
How can I preserve my culture?
How can I be honest?
What about imposters?
Can I improve my personal integrity?
What should I consider?
CHAPTER 14 – Power
Do people have power over you?
How can I identify manipulative behavior?
How can I respond to a bully?
How can I be captivating?
What should I consider?
CHAPTER 15 – Health & Stress
How can I be healthy?
How can I eat healthy?
Should I drink plenty of water?
What is stress?
How can I handle stress?
How well do I sleep?
How do I meditate?
It is time to start planning a vacation?
Can I manage stress in the workplace?
Am I suffering from depression?
How can I leave the past behind?
Can I smile for better health?
What should I consider?
CHAPTER 16 – Common Sense
How does the brain work?
How can I reason?
How can I build character through integrity?
Do I need to learn things that are basic common sense?
How can I put new common sense thinking habits into place?
How can I think outside of the box?
How can I think clearly and logically under pressure?
How can I think before speaking?
How can I think ahead?
What should I consider?
CHAPTER 17 – Recognition & Thankfulness Yvan Poirier

My support to this book -
New vision -

How can we get rid of prejudices that we have held on to for thousands of years?
How do I see unconditional love expressed daily?
How can I see love in the future?

How can I stop comparing things by relying on the past?
How can I be authentic when I express my gratitude and my thankfulness?
How can I be conscious that I must be transparent, as much as possible?

Why do people lack autonomy?
How can I express my autonomy more?
How can I meet my need to feed my autonomy?
How can I reach autonomy while still being myself?

How can I avoid indifference in detachment?
How can I free myself from sad things or events that are still harmful for my mind?
How can I realize the importance of detachment every day?

What is it to be humble in this kind of process?
How can I be humble, no matter what the circumstances?

How can I keep things simple?
How can I remain composed with simplicity during the difficult situations in which we live?
How can I ensure being myself?

What are personal and professional ethics in terms of thankfulness?
What are the basic principles of personal and professional ethics?
What can we see?
How can we detach ourselves from the former to deal with the new?
How can we trust ourselves to gain the confidence of others?
How can we discern what we can observe?
How can we forgive and to be forgiven?
How can we appreciate others – and be appreciated ourselves?
How can we use our energy correctly for things we are involved in?
How can we surround ourselves with people who will help us to see things more clearly?
How can we give our opinions without wanting to be absolutely right?
How can we use our sense of humor wisely?
How can we use what we have in ourselves better?
How can we acknowledge ourselves in order to be acknowledged by others?
How can we love what we do in order to love what we wish to achieve?
How can we choose ourselves above all in order to receive according to our true value?
How can we give without expecting to receive anything?
How can we help without any expectations?
How can we communicate with simplicity and humility?
How can we evaluate our personal and professional ethics?

How do I see the importance of the workplace in relation to Thankfulness?
How can I promote thankfulness in the workplace?
How can I get more motivation and satisfaction in the workplace?
How can I obtain the participation of management and employees in the organization of ceremonies?
What should I understand on a personal level about the thankfulness?
What tips and tricks should I suggest?

CHAPTER 18 – Humor
How can I be funny?
What about humor in the workplace?
How can I socialize, be funny, and make friends?
Should I smile?
What should I consider?
CHAPTER 19 – Intuition
How can I develop my intuition?
How can I follow my intuition?
What can I do about fear and intuition?
How can I think ahead?
How can I develop the Sherlock Holmes intuition?
What should I consider?
CHAPTER 20 – Success
How can I make decisions?
How can I be bold?
How can I be proactive?
How can I be ambitious?
How can I be resourceful?
Can I get the collaboration of others?
How can I make money?
What should I consider?
CHAPTER 21 – The Future
What about imagination?
Can innovation play a part in my life?
Is creativity as good as it sounds?
How can I overcome anxiety using future visioning?
How can I visualize?
How can I create a vision of my future?
Can I understand the generation gap?
What will the 2020 organization be like?
What should I consider?

In addition to writing, Germain acts as change management facilitator and project researcher.
Each year, he offers several seminars and training sessions on change management and business transformation. Additionally, he serves as Chairman of WebTech Management and Publishing Incorporated and Force Marketing Technologies Inc
Germain Decelles, o.s.j., MBA
Germain Decelles has over 30 years of business and consultation experience on local and international markets, including sectors such as: retail trade, distribution, information technology and communications, transportation, manufacturing, financial services and government organizations.
Germain attended the campus of Ford Motors Management Institute, Chrysler Leasing Institute, International Forecasting Institute, McGill University, Kappa Institute, Digital Equipment Computer Institute. He holds a Master of Business Administration from Concordia College & University and a certificate in business management and organization of the Hautes Études Commerciales de Montréal (CDN).
Member of the Canadian Coast Guard, retired (S.A.C.S.M.), Secretary of the General Assembly and International Advisor. He received the Admiralty service award in 1990 for promoting the service internationally. Member of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem.
Germain and his family live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
You can contact him at:

Yvan Poirier
Yvan Poirier is involved in psychological health and personnel welfare for businesses and organizations. He specializes in personal recognition and burn-out. In addition, he consults in administrative organization and organizational planning of events. He is also a TV presenter.
From 1972 to 2005, he occupied several services' administrators' posts within various Departments for the government of Canada. Since 2005, he is the owner of Les productions Yvan Poirier Inc., a firm offering psychological health services and personal well-being to companies.
He carried out many mandates in the manufacturing and commercial sectors, and also for non-profit institutions.
Author of the book: La RECONNAISSANCE, une question de respect! '' WebTech Publishing, based on personal experiments, very well received by the private and public sectors. You can also see him hosting each week on Channel VOX: Health at 360°.
You can reach him at: Yvan Poirier

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